Useless Movements

If Human

2015, If Human / Seventyseven vzw / CC Westrand

People, in the street, are all alike and nothing like me. 

If I could choose I'd ask for information to someone who speaks italian. It would make me feel at home. If I could choose I'd like an italian neighbour. He would say Good Morning, bumping into me in the stairway. In the kitchen he would have cooking salt, because it's the cooking salt you need to salt the water for pasta. And we would complain about the lack of sun, because we know what the sun is. And we'd say that zucchini don't taste like zucchini and that it's impossible to live below sea level...

But while I'm looking for what I know, I don't have eyes to see who's around and in front of me.

Well beyond my eyes' lightness there's a place of the heart were people are the same. A place where they see, live, love and lose exactly with the same movements. Useless Movements is the eyes' quest to see that place.

 Useless Movements : Opening the fridge. Sighing. Checking the time. Getting changed five times to then go out with the same old t-shirt.

On stage a group of people with no training. In common they have the place they live in and the desire to tell their own useless movements. Because where we are more vulnerable and fool, there we can meet.

If Human are this year's Artists in Residency of Culturale Center Westrand of Dilbeek.

The premiere of this new show is scheduled for March 2016. 


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