To Intimate

Cynthia Loemij & Mark Lorimer

2011, Ovaal vzw

© Herman Sorgeloos
© Herman Sorgeloos
© Herman Sorgeloos
© Herman Sorgeloos
© Herman Sorgeloos

To intimate is about translation, about ‘transposing’ from one language to another, and is consequently also about interpretation and ambiguity. The core issue is in the title itself: when we hear ‘to’, it might also be ‘too’ or ‘two’. As a preposition, ‘to’ not only indicates direction, since ‘to me’ can also mean ‘for me’ and ‘at me’. As a verb, ‘to intimate’ means ‘to indicate’, but also ‘to suggest’ and ‘to hint at’. As an adjective, ‘intimate’ in its turn refers to the sense of intimacy, being together and the familiarity between these three artists and their languages, which they wish to share with their audience; but it also implies tenderness, vulnerability… 

written by Marianne Van Kerkhoven

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CREATED & DANCED BY Mark Lorimer, Cynthia Loemij MUSICIAN Thomas Luks SET DESIGN Herman Sorgeloos COSTUMES Anne-Catherine Kunz LIGHTING DESIGN Clive Mitchell DRAMATURGY Marianne van Kerkhoven (Kaaitheater) MENTOR Jonathan Burrows PRODUCTION Ovaal vzw CO-PRODUCTION Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Charleroi-Danses Kaaitheater (Brussels), Maison de la Musique (Nanterre), Pact Zollverein (Essen), Rosas (Brussels), La Bâtie (Genève) SPECIAL THANKS TO Frederik Verrote, Damien Tresanini, Thierry De Mey, Anne Van Aerschot, Nady Bilani, Lieve Demin, Lisa Gunstone, François Deppe, La Commune de Puylaurens

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