Solo 2009 - To Be Continued

Peter Jasko

2012, Phileas Productions

This solo of Peter Jasko is a continuous Work In Progress. He creates it while performing and Performs while creating. This Solo exists in a Theatre version and a Street version.

"As I exhaled it was like the universe had suddenly restored itself to its natural but uncanny state of silence, and I could feel the earth rising underneath my feet. I was the weight of a postage stamp, standing on the top of a needle on the edge of a cloud; the wind was howling with rage but yet, for some reason, it could get no hold of me. My lips were moving. Softly, fragile music trickled from my throat, turning slowly but surely into a faint, almost undetectable, cry. Then again, silence…"
Written by Kjartan Omarsson 2012

Past dates
March 2012
June 2012
July 2012
September 2012
April 2013
Villejuive FR  19:00 - TRR - Part of Festival in Movement
August 2013
September 2013
December 2013
October 2014

CHOREOGRAPHY AND DANCE BY Peter Jasko MUSIC Simon Thierrée, Trabant, Josef Vlk, P.I. Tchaikovsky COSTUME DESIGN Sebastien Lamy LIGHTING DESIGN Joris De Bolle TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Joris De Bolle PRODUCTION PHILEAS PRODUCTIONS VIDEO/EDITING Stanislav Dobak, Bara Sigfusdottir RESIDENCY La Fragua artist residency, Belalcazar (spain)

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