Opening Night

Les SLovaKs

2007, Phileas productions - ulti‘mates / ULTIMA VEZ

Memories of what was, and pleasure from what is now. That is what we present on stage. We play, listen to each other, propose and mostly dance together — thereby telling our stories. Individual - collective, emotions, our Slovak feeling and physical humour. Sharing. Sharing with the audience what is between us, our ways of being, the friendship, and our history. Being attentive to every detail, every gesture. Little means a lot. It is about listening and sensitivity for each other. Inside - outside. Composing and performing at the same time. We get inspired from music. A lot!

In 2006 Les Slovaks dance collective started to work on their first creation Opening Night. This experience (a creative process that lasted one year) laid a ground stone for the collective way of working and decision making. It was a beginning in developing of common skill in composing while performing, finding movement language (later named “New Traditional dance”), accumulating the set of rules in relating to each other and to the public while performing, using of Slovak folk dance, music and singing. The premiere of Opening Night was in November 2007. In Opening Night Les SlovaKs aligned themselves on intersecting axes such as abstract-concrete, on purpose - by chance, fun - boredom, on - off, dancing - non dancing, with - against, and inside - outside.

By making these basic principles of the individual and the group a dynamic part of their compositional system, Les SlovaKs' work becomes utterly transparent and the audience is invited to witness the humour in disagreement, the momentum of consensus, and the rigor of personal investment that constitute the trial and error of creating a performance together. The decisions that take place throughout the process continue onstage, and in the moment of performance the public becomes an important part of the calculation. 

The music is a vital part of their stage reality. It is a place where the references in the dance are folded into a score that meets the dance from another perspective.

In Opening Night LesSlovaKs developed their rich collaboration with musician and composer Simon Thierree.

Past dates
August 2006
Budapest HU  20:00 - Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy - Work in progress
September 2006
Brussels BE  20:00 - Dans Centrum Jette - Work in progress
October 2006
Vienna AT  20:00 - Tanzquartier - Work in progress
Banska Bystrica SK  20:00 - Banska Bystrica Festival - Work in progress
March 2007
Brussels BE  20:00 - Kaaitheater - Work in progress (BRXLBRAVO)
Ljubljana SI  20:00 - Bunker - Work in progress
April 2007
Brussels BE  20:00 - Dans Centrum Jette - Work in progress
May 2007
Courtray BE  20:00 - BUDA Kunstencentrum - Work in progress
October 2007
November 2007
Barcelona ES  20:00 - Mercat de las Flors - Co-producer
Barcelona ES  20:00 - Mercat de las Flors - Co-producer
February 2008
Brussels BE  20:00 - Kaaitheater
March 2008
April 2008
May 2008
June 2008
July 2008
August 2008
Murska Sobota SI  20:00 - Front@ Festival
October 2008
November 2008
February 2009
Stockholm SE  20:00 - Dansens Hus
Stockholm SE  20:00 - Dansens Hus
Linköping SE  20:00 - Concert Hall
Sundsvall SE  20:00 - Theater
March 2009
Roeselare BE  20:00 - De Spil
Aubergenville FR  20:00 - La Nacelle
Sint-Niklaas BE  20:00 - Cultuurcentrum
April 2009
Bratislava SK  20:00 - IETM meeting
August 2009
Bassano del Grappa IT  20:00 - Operaestate Festival Veneto
September 2009
October 2009
November 2009
December 2009
February 2010
March 2010
April 2010
May 2010
Palma de Mallorca ES  20:00 - Festival Palma Amb La Dansa
September 2010
October 2010
December 2010
April 2011
May 2011
October 2011
Saarbrucken DE  20:00 - Now Dance Saar - + concert
September 2012
May 2014
March 2015
October 2016
Brussels BE  20:00 - les Halles

CHOREOGRAPHY AND DANCE BY Les SlovaKs Dance Collective: Martin Kilvady, Peter Jasko, Anton Lachky, Milan Herich, Milan Tomášik COMPOSITION AND LIVE MUSIC Simon Thierrée SET DESIGN Les SlovaKs Dance Collective LIGHTING DESIGN Hans Valcke, Joris De Bollee COSTUME DESIGN Mat Voorter, Pepa Martinez TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Joris De Bolle PRODUCTION PHILEAS PRODUCTIONS - ulti‘mates / ULTIMA VEZ COPRODUCTION Teatre Mercat de les Flors (Spain), Fondazione Musica per Roma (Italy) PARTNERS DCJ — Dans Centrum Jette (Belgium), BUDA Kunstencentrum (Belgium)

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