Ne parlez pas d'amour

If Human

2014, Seventyseven

Two lonelinesses. Two desires. Or only one? A shared desire that cannot be shared? In a piece mixing dance and theater, inspired by modern cinema and even by the composite space of the Medieval Annunciations, If Human organizes the new rules of the myth: The myth of the lovers enchantment, its fall and the cripple that follows. Where is the fire when the flame has gone? When lovers have been missed, where is love inside them? A missed desire, a desire remaining desire. Ne parlez pas d’Amour is the poem of it.

Actors Vijaya Bechis Boll, Hervé Guerrisi Dancer Daisy Ransom Phillips Project and Direction Gaia Saitta In collaboration with Cecilia Ligorio Scenography Alessia Panfili Costume Design Frédéric Denis Sound Design and Music Composition Tom Daniels Light design Marco Giusti & Monica Olivieri Production Halles de Schaerbeek , Seventyseven Production With the support of Unione Musicale di Torino.

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