Meytal Blanaru

© Virginie Meigne
Aurora (2012)

Born in Israel in 1982, Meytal Graduates from the Ashkelon School of Arts and the Bat Dor dance conservatory in 2000. Between the years 2000 - 2007 she dances in various Israeli dance companies: "Muza", "De De Dance", "Vertigo", as well as working with different independent choreographers.

In 2008 Meytal discovers the Feldenkrais method, which deeply influences her. This new found perspective leads her to begin an ongoing movement research that dramatically alters the way she moves and perceives the body. In time, this research grows and becomes a rich movement language and approach. This research leads her to create her own choreographic work.

In 2008 she creates her first solo work Lilly, touring in different venues throughout Europe, Africa and Israel, including the 14th Masdanza International Solo Choreography Competition.

In 2011 she creates her second solo Aurora, that performes in various venues and festivals in Germany, UK, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Israel.

Since moving to Brussels in 2009, she works with Les Ballets C de la B - Lisi Estaras (in the creations Bolero, Soup); Damien Jalet (Red Waters, Dans la fôret des oeuvres with Eastman dance company); Samuel Lefeuvre - Groupe Entorse (àut, The Bootstrap); Roberto Olivan (Sunny side up); The Kolo Oetly dance company (On how to through a cow and make it fly, Sit down and run); Yaron Shamir (Frozen); Monia Montaly (Wavers abode).

Meytal teaches workshops and dance classes for professionals and amatures. These classes offers a meeting point between Feldenkrais and dance, a new perspective on dancing through the Feldenkrais prism. She's been invited to teach in different dance schools and centers in the UK, Israel and Belgium.

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