Fear And Desire

If Human

2013, Seventyseven

Not Everybody can be a dancer, but everyone can dance.

Fear And Desire is a theatrical projet with an exquisite group of actors from different countries, with different languages and different artistic pasts. Dance is where they meet, even if non of them had an education to be a dancer. One trained dancer joined them for a reseach where the words are insufficient.

‘it is this very same technical difficulty that makes our presence, our humanity, our theatrical courage of a rare beauty. Paradoxically, our dance is amaz- ingly graceful. It is human, personal and unexpected; it is beautiful.’ 
Gaia Saitta


Past dates
February 2013
January 2014
October 2014
Brussels BE  20:00 - les Halles
Brussels BE  20:00 - les Halles
October 2015
Sint-Niklaas BE  20:00 - Cultuurcentrum

A PROJECT BY Gaia Saitta IN COLLABORATION WITH Julie Anne Stanzak and Hervé Guerrisi ACTORS Vijaya Bechis Boll, Gaetano Bruno / Benny Ceuppens, Thomas Coumans, Cédric Eeckhout, Hervé Guerrisi, Cecilia Ligorio, Paola Michelini, Daisy Ransom Philips, Antonio Puccia, Ana Rodriguez MOVEMENT Julie Anne Stanzak COSTUME DESIGNER Frédérick Denis LIGHT DESIGNER Igor Renzetti SOUND DESIGNER Tom Daniels VIDEO Valentina Summa, Binevsa Berivana, Natacha Hubaut PRODUCTION Seventyseven COPRODUCTION Performdance Festival (Italy) WITH THE HELP OF Théâtre National de Bruxelles (Belgium) THANK YOU Antoine Vilain, Aurélien Van Trimpont, Ludovic Van Pachterbeke

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