Igor Shyshko, Moya Michael

2012, Stuk Kunstencentrum

© C. Neuenschwander
© C. Neuenschwander
© C. Neuenschwander

“The timeline shared between two artists reveals similarities of their histories, one coming of age in apartheid South Africa, and the other in Belarus in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster. 'Darling', as a term of endearment between these two friends becomes symbolic of their complicity.

Conversations on the institutionalised racism, homophobia, political turmoil of their respective homelands - and what was interiorised or blissfully ignored in their youth - emerged as the starting point for a dance duet whose form is layered with cultural references. Darling sublimates this double-edged dialogue; how to cherish what is dear and protest the unbearable, with unmediated physicality.”

- Kitty Kortes Lynch

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Past dates
January 2014
Roeselare BE  20:00 - De Spil
April 2014
Brussels BE  20:30 - KVS
Brussels BE  20:30 - KVS
September 2014
December 2016
Brussels BE  20:30 - KVS
Brussels BE  20:30 - KVS
Brussels BE  18:00 - KVS

CONCEPT AND DANCE Moya Michael, Igor Shyshko DRAMATURGY Kitty Kortes Lynch SET DESIGN Tom Bruwier, Moya Michael, Ann Wecks COSTUMES Ann Wecks LIGHT DESIGN Tom Bruwier SOUNDSCAPE Gasper Piano PRODUCTION Stuk Kunstencentrum COPRODUCTION Zelda Productions, Workspacebrussels, Dance Umbrella 2013 WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Flemish authorities SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR MADE POSSIBLE BY THESE KIND DONATORS Michelle Fourez, Hidir Celep, Kathy Van den Bossche, Willem De Coster, Laetitia Rogghe, Jan Ritsema, Gwyn Emberton, Marcus Baldemar, Mark Nathan, Cynthia Loemij, Sara Jansen, Peter hannosset, Erik & An Smeyers, Vasilis Koutsilieris, Colin Smuts, Marion Oprel, Aryn Guiney, Peter Savel, Sylvette Lucot, Antoine Fallon, Anneleen Keppens, Bart De Busser, Leslie Lynch, Rose Fisher, Laura Aris, Olivier Vanderaspoilden, Annelies Assche, Lyndsey Williams-Elemam, Kristin Tovson, Elke Vekeman, Els Vandekerckhove, Koen Dooms, Gertie gert, Lynn Scalzi, Thierry Magin, Jean Lancuentra, pierre Paques, Christine Leboutte, Leo Valère, Robert Michael, Delphine Auby, Zita Epenge, Hans Vanderspikken, Josquin Legrand, Michael Smeyers, Faustin Linyekula, Jo De Baerdemaeker, Marc Vanrunxt, Lars Nyctelius, Federico Mori, Ron Deckers, Penelope Denu, Hazel Mpanza, Jon Pease, Robin de Wouters, Kristina Martin, Tony Rancich, Geraldine Yamuka, Lenore Cairncross, Delise Moore, Sophie Chemmak, Eva Kamala Rodenburg, Virginie Dupray, Stefanie Schneider, Daisy Phillips, Erick Fréson, Mihail Onea, Nan Valckx, David Hernandez, Nane Vanderperre, Katrien Van Aerschot, Dimitri Fréson, Marie Françoise Jacquerie, Claudia Skinner Brown, Els Vandecan, Frederic Cornet, benny Ceuppens, Valerie Velle, Libby Farr and Rabia.

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